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Hi, My name is Sara, But most people call me Rave,I'm 20 & I live in coral springs With my BoyFriend(Joe,38)and his 2 kids...(Mercedes,15,We call her Sadie 4 short)&(Austin,11)I am a really big prince fan,Have been since i was 8.. I been 2 4 Concerts of his I have all his mucic and Videos and even bootlegs..SSSHHH...I Also Have a prince tattoo On my Ankle Just like my Boyfriend on on the same ankle....Which he got b4 me and when we where not even seeing each other just talking as friends.... 
Dancing is my life, I'm  Dance Teacher..Tho I am not dancing while living here I will start Dancing once again very soon...Thanks 4 checking my page out...




Here is My bootleg list..Contact me at Pureprincelover@aol.com If u would Like something....


Soul psycodelicide,86
Sign 'o' the time 2 cd set
Funk City,Lovesexy,88
ONA Paris,Soundcheck
AfterShow 93 2 Cd Set
ONA Aftershow,Paris,la batachan 2 Cd Set

Live Shows

Alanta 3-6-80
Dance 2 the beat
Nyc the ritz 3-21-81 2CD Set
City lights,columbia sc 12-12-81
City lights,Detroit 11-30-82
City lights,Saginaw 2-4-82
City Lights,Providance R.I. 2-10-83
City lights,Alanta,1-4-85
7th stentry,Detroit
City lights,Stockholm,Sweden 2 Cd Set
1999-revisited Fresno,CA 4-2-83 2Cd Set
Purple Rain tour 85,Syracuse 2 Cd Set
Purple Rush 85,CA
The Revolution,Tokyo,9-9-86 2Cd set
Neon Rendezvovs Revisted
Secret gig 2 Cd set
Nude Tour, Yellow fever,Tokyo Dome
Do u wanna go home with me,93 2Cd set
Act Tour 1,93 2 Cd Set
The unreleased Traxx Live 94
Welcome 2 the beautiful experience 2-13-94
Glam Slam,Miami,6-7-95 2 Cd Set
Paradise,March 25th & 26th 2 Cd Set
Glam Slam
The Park 4 Cd Set
The Park volume 4 2 Cd Set
Jam of the year,Miami & Tampa 2 Cd Set
Paisley Nights 2 Cd Set
Viva Las Vegas 4 Cd Set The time on the 4th disc
Metro,Chicago,2000 2 Cd Set
Denvor 2001 2 CdSet
Celebration 3 cd Set
The World,NYC 2 Cd Set
Xenophobia 12 Cd Set
ONA 2 Cd Set

Other things

Dreams 3 Cd Set
Sound 80 2 Cd Set
The Rebels Work in progress 2 Cd Set
Studio Nights
Crucial-Miles davis & Prince
Dream Factory 2 Cd Set
Jewel Box 3 Cd Set
Fantasia 3 Cd Set
The remixes
Rare Extended Remixes
Ultra Rare traxx
Extended mixes
Testement 30 cd Set

Wendy&Lisa-Honeymoon Express
Wendy&Lisa-R u my baby
Vanity 6-Lolly Lolly
Vanity 6-Nasty girl
Vanity 6-He's so dull
Vanity 6-Drive me wild
Vanity 6-Pretty mess
Vanity 6-Under the influence
Apollonia 6-Sex shooter
Apollonia -Since I fell 4 u
Sheila E-The Glamorous life
Sheila E-A Love Bizarre
Shilea E-Sister Fate
Sheila E-Holly rock
Sheila E-Sex Cymbol
Sheila E-Koo Koo
Sheila E-Droppin like flies
Taja Sevelle-Wouldn't u love 2 love me
Taja Sevelle-Popular
Martika-Martika's kitchen
Martika-Colored kisses
Martika-Martikas Kitchen 12'w/tony m. rap
Carmen Electra-Go Go Dancer
Carmen Electra-Everybody get on up
Carmen Electra-Fantasia Erotica
Sheena Easton-Sugar walls
Sheena Easton-Eternity
Sheena Easton-Lover in me
Sheena Easton-Days like this
Sheena Easton-101
Sheena Easton-What comes Naturally
AndreCymone-What r we doing here
Andre Cymone-Dance Electric
The Family-Screams of passion
St. paul-Rich man
St. Paul-Stranger 2 love
BrownMark-Next Time
Brown Mark-Bang Bang
The Time-The Walk
The Time-The Bird
The Time-Ice cream castle
The Time-Jungle love
The Time-Jerk Out
The Time-Jerk Out Live
The Time-Chocolate
The Time-Chocolate live
Morris day-Oaktree
Morris Day-Fishnet
Jesse Johnson-Be ur man
Jesse Johnson-I want my girl
Jesse Johnson-Crazay(W/sly stone)
Jesse Johnson-Baby,Lets kiss
Jesse Johnson-Love struck
Roy Ayers- Hot (minneapolis sound influenced)
Herb Alpert (prod. by Jam & Lewis-Keep ur eye on me
Herb alpert-Diamonds (w/janet)
Tevin Campbell-Round& Round
Prince-The Most Beautiful girl in the worl
Prince-Beautiful remix
Prince-When doves cry
Prince-I could never take the place of ur man
Prince-Sign o the times(live on mtv music awards)
Prince-Sunshine (live on the mtv music awards)
Prince-Gett Off (live on mtv music awards)
Bangles-Manic Monday
Jill Jones-U do me
jill Jones-U do me Remix
Mia Bocca- 4 love (live)
Prince-Lets pertend we,re married
Prince-Love sign(w/Nona Gaye)
George Clinton-Erotic City
NPG-Super hero
Elisa FIorillo-On the way up
Prince-My name is prince
Prince-sexy MF (short film)
Artist-The Holey river
The artist-Dinner with delores
The artist-Vh1 Fashion & music awards opening cat walk
prince-Pussy control
Prince-ending cat walk with pussy control remix
Prince-The Undertaker (short movie)
Prince_ The beutiful Experince (short Flim)
Prince-The sacrifice of victor (short concert film)
Prince-American band stand 1980

Prince-Musicology 04 Ohio

Prince-Musicology tour 04 nebvaska

Prince Lovesexy live
Prince-love4oneanother (Speacil event on vh1)
Ingrid Chavez- Heaven must b near
Ingrid Chavez-Elephent Box
Ingrid Chavez-Hippy Blood
Ingrid Chavez-Elephant box remix
Prince-Pussy control Live on vhi fashion awards
kid creole-The Sex of it
Deborah allen-Telepathy
Nona Hendryx-Baby go go
Nona hendryx-Baby go go remix
Rosie Gaines-I want u
Nona Gaye-Intros prince & the npg on ama's prince medley w/npg Dancers
Prince-Gold medley,(sshhh intro billy jack bitch,I hate u,319,losse outro award speech
Chris Rock honors prince at ezzence awards
PRince W/larry graham & chaka kahn-The christ reworking of the cross(live)
98 prince skit-I love lucy
Prince-Anotherloverlikeuneedaholeinurhead (live)
Prince-America Live
Prince-U got the look w/sheena easton
Prince-Sign o the times w/ trailer
PrinceTake me with u live
Prince-Alphabet street
Prince-Glam slam
Prince-I wish u heaven
Prince-Little red corvette
Prince-Lets go crazy
Prince-Betcha by golly wow
Prince-Nothing compares 2 u
Prince-New power Generation
Prince-Thieves in the temple
prince-Batdance remix
Prince-batdance (vicki vale mix
Electric chair live
Sheila E Live Romance 1600
Chaka khan_this crazy life of mine
Chaka khan-Don't talk 2 strangers
Rosie gaines-I surrender
The Artist-The great romance ever sold
The Artist-Somebodys somebody
Prince-My name is prince xrated
Prince-thieves in the temple 12"long mix
Sheena easton-101 remix
MOrris day-Love is a game
Jody watley (prod. by andre cymone)
I'm looking4 a new love
Some kind a lover remix
Still a thrill remix

Related artists cd's
The Classic Metrophitan Orchestra
The time-What time is it?
The time-The time
The Time-Ice cream castle
The time-Pandemoniam
Jesse Johnson
Tony lemans
Larry Graghm
Chaka Khan-come 2 my house
Shelia E-THe glamorous life
Shelia E-Romance 1600
Shelia E-Shelia E
Sheila E-Sex cymbol
Vanity 6
Mayte-children of the sun
Mavis Staple-the voice
Ingrid Chevez-may 19th 1992
Taja Sevelle
Elisa Fiorilla
Martika's kitchen
Jill Jones
Wendy &Lisa
The Family-family business
Eric leeds-Time Square
Candy dulfer-sax a gogo

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