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  1. I got there about 11:30 and i was the first there and I walked around
    and i saw his many buses and them unloading his stuff 4 the concert. I met some very nice fams after awhile not 2 long. I always say u can make friends with almost any fams we r truly like one BIG family. And so we sat outside talking 2 the people that worked there and then the bus driver of one of princes bus came up and my mother took a picture of his pass it was coool I thought anyways. At this point every thing was blowing my mind! so we went in the building 2 wait. AND boy did we wait! We waited like 6 hours till they opened the door 4 us. AND when we walked in I almost wanted 2 fant I could hear prince practicing already! SO we got r passes, as memers we got in first 4 the sound check. So they lined us up and we waited till prince gave the ok 4 us 2 come in. Earlyer when we where waiting 2 get in they had said that we had the pit seats and oo man we all thought they would b horrible seats well we where so wrong!!! Well
    back 2 the other stuff we waited not 2 long and then prince gave the ok 4 us 2 come
    in. And as i'm walking in i see a man playing the guitar i could not see his face and yet
    i had a feeling it was him. So as i am getting closer i feel very weak but we had 2 go
    down stairs and then up 2 the pit. when I got in that pit and i st down i just started 2 cry there he was arm length from me There he was the man that i have been waiting 2
    meet 4 over 9 years. OOOO he was real alright and i was not dreaming. The band
    and him where just playing as we where siting there. And then he stoped and said
    second my pants r falling down LOL. He was whereing sandiles i could see his toes.
    then he talked with us and said do we know where any good places 4 an after party And a guy yelled my house prince laughed and then the guy yelled and said he had a sister and prince said it's not that kind of party but no where so there was no after party. And then he played peach which was cool! And another song. And then the unthinkable happened he came near me and sat right there in front of me on some pillows he had on the stage and he looked at me and winked at me now I almost died when he did that. He was sitting there playing his
    guitar right next 2 me.And he kept pulling up his pants LOL. Then he had these 2
    guys in the aduince come up and they played on HIS guitar and they played one
    of his song it was I could never take the place of your man.  prince was in the back
    he was laughing and smiling u could tell he thought that was cool. Then he played
    some more and then he said he had 2 go change and he would b back. so we all sat
    there because we where cool we where aloud 2 stay untill the curtian fell then we had
    2 leave the pit 4 r safty. So we left i went out 2 buy somethings and talk with some
    people and then i went back in, AND it was so cool because i could just walk right in
    the othere people that where not members could not go in yet hehehehe they just
    looked at us. Me and a nother fam went out just 2 come back in again lol. So then we
    sat there waiting 2 go back in the pit and greg boyer passed us and one of the fams i was with stoped him and we talked with him and i met him it was cool. So then I went
    to get something 2 eat because my head was hurtting I had not eatin anything since
    10 so after i got that in my my head was ready 4 PRINCE! So after that we where
    aloud 2 go back in2 the pit. And not long after, All the people had 2 get in there sits there where not members . Then prince cam out! YAHOOO! And he played some
    songs from his new album which was really cool. And he asked is it better 2 receve
    or give 2 a couple of people and one person said give and prince said u r going 2
    give your seat up and so he did and he got 2 sit on stage on the pillows. And we
    changed seats me and some of the fams that i had met there and i got 2 the mic and
    prince came right close 2 me i could have played his guitar thats how close he was 2
    me. then we changed seats again and i went by the pillows again and prince came by
    me again and was playing his guitar and all that and the fam next 2 me said i'm
    staying with u every where u go he goes lol i thought it was funny when she said that.
    Then he left:( and we all yelled and screamed my voice was killing me i lost it LOL
    And then he came back and he played ALOT of his older stuff he even played
    PURPLE RAIN! Then he came near me again on how come u don't call me anymore.
    And then he left again and we all stayed and screamed 4 him again and get this he
    came back out AGAIN!!! and played some more songs some where old and some
    where new but at the end he played love is god god is love. and then he said is
    that gone hold u all so i can get out of here. So then he left he was no longer there
    i was sad seemed like it went so fast!and we stayed in the pit 4 a bit and watched
    them take everything down they work fast. And as we r sitting there jonh blackwell
    comes out i met him 2 he talked with us it was so cool. And we left and it was about 11:30.