Prince Rogers Nelson
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Prince Rogers Nelson Was born on June 7th 1958 @ 6:17pm @ Mt. Saini Hospital in Minneapolis,Minnasota.Prince is 5'4with out heels and with heels he is 5'7 in height. His Parents names r John L. Nelson(WHo pasted away in August of 2001) and Mattie Nelson (Who pasted away in Febuary of 2002)(They will b missed so very much! But Will Always b in r hearts and souls).Prince has many brothers and sisters. His Father had a band named Prince Rogers tro. John named Prince after his band.His mother was part of the band for a couple of years and then she married John. They got divorced after 13 years of marriage. Prince had a full education.He went to John Hay for elementery school,Bryant Junior high school,and Central high school. Prince played saxophone in seventh grade but gave it up he regrets he ever did.Prince graduated in 1975.Prince Made  5 Albums b4 his First Hit movie in 84 PurpleRain...Which Was A big hit with everyone...Then he made another album and in 86 he made the funnest movie I think...Under the cherryMoon...Did not do so well at all but i don't know why it was funnny!!!!But in 86 Prince got rid of the revolution..And Started over...87 he made another movie which was a concert film called Sign'o' the times which did ok...90 he made another movie which really flopped Griffiti Bridge...But he had a new group Called New power generation short name NPG!92 He had A girl Named Mayte join the group as an NPG dancer...I must say she is a very good dancer...She is a belly dancer and also does other dances...He would later fall in love with this woman...(3 He decided 2 ChangeHis Name and prince died in 93 and became 0)+>...He Was having problems with his record company Warner brothers...So he started 2 write slave on his cheek in 96 He got away from his contract Finelly and made a freedom album And he also Married Mayte Jannell Garcia The NPG dancer She was born in november 12th 1973..If u listen 2 sex in the summer on the Emancipation Album u can hear Prince's Baby's heart beat...The second Disc 2 the 3 cd set of Emancipation had alot 2 do with Mayte....2000 He started the NPGMUSICCLUB Which he sent u cd's and had music videos and music on the club...He also had a New Years eve party called Raveun2 the year 2000 Which was awesome! He also Started his Celebration Where u could come in2 paisly park 4 a tour and hang..He also Changed his name back 2 Prince. Prince and Mayte Had Went there own ways...2002 He Started touring And gave the NPGMUSICCLUB members a free copy of the boxset One Nite Alone...He had also had his eye on his second wife Mani,Which they had got married in 2002.2003 He Came out with the DVD Live at the Aladon Las Vegas... 2004 Prince was enducted in2 the Hall Off Fame...2004 He started his New Tour, Musicology! Schools in...A Horrible thing happened 2 John Blackwell Prince's drummer His Son  passed away...2005 The Npgmusicclub has been going steady 4 a while now...

  1. 1978-Prince made his first Album(For You)singles),soft&wet,As long as we're together.
  2.  1979-(Prince) singles from it,I wanna be your lover, Why you wanna treat me so bad,Still waiting.
  3. 1980-(Dirty mind) singles from it,Dirty mind,uptown.
  4. 1981-(Conteroversy) came out, singles from it, conteroversy,Let's work, Do
  5. 1982-(1999),singles from it, 1999,Delirious,Little red corvette,Let's pertend where married. 
  6. 1984-he made PURPLE RAIN!(singles)When doves cry,I would die 4 u, lets go crazy, purple Rain.And the movie purplerain which was very good.
  7. 1985-Around The worls in a day(singles)Paisly park, raspberry beret,pop life,America.
  8.  1986-Parad(singles)Mountains,kiss,anotherholenyohead,Girl and boys.
  9.  1987-sign'o'times (singles)sign'o'times,u got the look,if i was your girlfriend,I could never take the place of your man.
  10. 1988-The Black album (singles) When 2 r in love.
  11. 1988-Lovesexy. (singles)
    Alphabet st.,Glam slam,I wish u heaven.
  12.  1989-Soundtrack Batman(Singles) Batdance,Partyman,The arms of orion,Scandalous,The Future.
  13. 1990-prince became Prince and the NPG (NEW POWER GENERATION)(singles)
    Thieves in the temple,New power generation,shake!(the time) Melody cool (Mavis stapels),Round and round (Tevin campbell).
  14.  1991-Diamonds and Pearls (singles)  Gett off,Cream,Diamonds and pearls,Money don't matter 2 night,Willing and able(promo only), Insatiable( promo only),Thunder (uk only).
  15. 1992-0(+> (singels) Sexy M.F., My name is prince,7,The morning papers,Damn u (promo only),
  16. 1993-The hits and bsides.
  17. 1994-come.(singels) Letitgo,Space.
  18. 1995-gold album. (singles) The most beautiful girl in the world, Dolphin I hate u, Gold.
  19. 1996-Chaos and disorder. (singles) Dinner with delored, The same december
  20. 1996-Emancipation.
       (singels) Betcha by golly wow!, The holy river( which there is a chat room named after that song), somebody's somebody, Face down
  21. 1998-crystal ball came out, It was remixes and bootlegs.
  22. 1999-album old friends 4 sale The vault ,Another album came out Raveun2 the joy fantasitc, Singles)from Rave un2 the joy fantastic album r, The greatest romance ever sold.
  23. 2001-the album THE RAINBOW CHILDREN  (ingles) from the album The work pt. 1.
  24. 2002-Internet Downloads From The NPGMUSICCLUB...Also another album came out One Nite Alone..
  25. 2003-Album N.E.W.S is
  26. 2004-Musicology tour School's in(Singles)Musicology,Call My name

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